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GHS Fast Fret Guitar String Cleaner & Lubricant

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GHS A87 Fast Fret String Cleaner & Lubricant

GHS Fast Fret is a high quality string and neck lubricant/string cleaner for all stringed instruments. Fast Fret is not spray, and it cotains no silicone. It's a liquid in an applicator. Use it on strings, fretboard, back of neck. Fast Fret lets fingers slide freely, keeps strings clean, and is good for wood. 

Fast Fret Can/Applicator

Due to on going supply chain issues and raw material supply we have had to change the Fast Fret packaging again. We have moved to a plastic can (like we had some years ago) with the plastic lid that now fits on the inside of the can and provides lid a tight seal. 

We have also changed the applicator as well. This new applicator has a new handle and different material to deliver the Fast Fret. This new handle actually uses less plastic than the previous applicator and the material holds more Fast Fret. 

Features :

  • Cleans musical instrument strings
  • Brightens sound
  • Prolongs fingerboard life
  • Convenient applicator and cloth
  • For all stringed instruments
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